Kan, The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation is seeking creative technological solutions to enable people with different disabilities (sight, hearing and cognition) to consume the live broadcast and all of its content.

Kan has set out on a unique initiative, and decided to convey the semi-finals and finals of the music competition in Tel Aviv this May, in 3 additional broadcasts for people dealing with hearing, vision and cognitive impairments. We’re excited to have the brightest minds in Israel and the tech community help us make all of Kan’s content accessible, and develop tools that allow people in Israel dealing with deficiencies to feel included.

Kan’s distribution vision is that every user will be able to enjoy the content they love, on the platform that suits their needs. Therefore, Kan distributes its content on many different platforms such as Spotify, Facebook, Omni Studio, Youtube and more.

As part of the digital accessibility activities, Kan launched a television series with audio description for the blind. Trail Angels” (Mal’akhei Hashvil) is the first accessible television series in Israel, in cooperation with of the Central Library for the Blind and for reading disabilities.

In addition, videos on Kan’s Youtube and Facebook channels, have subtitles with a dark background and different colors according to the different speakers on the video.

The website and other products are equipped with accessibility tools according to the law, and undergo reviews by certified accessibility consultants who review the site's accessibility and give feedback, if necessary. For example, emphasis on color contrast, focus, site preparation for accessibility tools for screen reading, and more.

The technological solutions that will be developed in the Hackathon should give added value to those with different disabilities and adapt to the various platforms that Kan uses.


Make the live television events accessible for people with sight, hearing and cognitive disabilities.

For this year’s live event in Tel Aviv, Kan is going to provide an accessible youtube channel that will serve people with sight, hearing and cognitive disabilities by means of voice over and sign language. Your challenge would be to use technology to provide solutions for a range of problems that people with disabilities might face.

Your mission is to develop a solution that would give people with disabilities the best experience they’ve ever had.

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  1. Tools that would support reaching the accessible platform.

  2. Make the accessible platforms mistake-proof for the users.

  3. Use AI or natural language tools to create an accessible interface.

  4. Expand the accessibility support to more languages and territories.

  5. Physical accessibility devices or device enhancements.

  6. Any other creative use case


  1. Azure Mixed Reality Cloud - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens 

  2. Custom Vision - https://www.customvision.ai

  3. Video Indexer - https://vi.microsoft.com/en-us/

  4. Cognitive Services - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/cognitive-services/

  5. Microsoft Translator - https://blogs.microsoft.com/ai/ai-powered-captioning/

  6. Seeing AI - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/seeing-ai

  7. Make the city and public events related to the music contest, more accessible and navigable.

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