Pick your commentator

An app that allows Eurovision watchers to choose between thousands of commentators around the world. Viewers can get comentators' analysis and point of view on their TV screen and enrich their experience - all LIVE!

Unique Real-ity

Remote Watch Parties
Never watch Eurovision alone! With a click of a button join live broadcast from people’s living rooms, bars, open watch parties. Cheer and enjoy the competition with people from all over the world from your own living room.


Interactive Data Layers
Viewbix developed an interactive video player, that scrapes and adds interesting data on top of the live broadcast. Learn about the singer, the country, get the lyrics or interesting statistics while watching the live entry. Viewbix is a startup company that developed this feature specially for the hackathon.


Turn the Audience into a Screen

While not dealing with the viewers at home, Pyrohack’s solution turns the Eurovision viewers in the stadium into a huge screen. Each viewer’s phone becomes a pixel in the big picture, and a smart algorithm determines the phone’s location based on its distance from the stage. Pyrohack is a team of teenagers, some of which have academic degrees.


How is Europe Feeling?

With this app, viewers can send emojis while watching the live performances, and then see what Europe is feeling about the song. You can see what each country is feeling, or different demographics, or even your groups of friends. Fireworks is a team of Eurovision fans.


Interactive Experience for all Cognitive Levels

A fun platform that enables interactions with the live broadcast - share your opinion, chat, answer trivia questions - and is also accessible for people with cognitive disabilities, enabling them to be part of the interactive fun.

Ta’al Carmel 6000

Enable People with Cognitive Disabilities

to Vote in Eurovision

People with cognitive disabilities often have trouble determining which country to vote for out of 20+ performances. The system collects the viewer’s support level during the song, uses the breaks to make choices, and in the end - provides a list of countries the viewer can vote for. Carmel 6000 is a national service body that develops solutions for health, education and welfare.


Get Emotionally Connected with the Musi

Cognitive disabilities sometimes mean not being able to discern different emotions conveyed while a song is performed. ZAZIM’s solution adds emojis to the performance's video to help people with cognitive disabilities understand whether the mood is happy, sad, angry, etc. Most of ZAZIM members are hearing impaired.


Understand Voting Without Seeing

The most dramatic part of each Eurovision competition is the scoring - over 40 countries deliver their judging scores live, followed by the points from the audience. However, for people with sight disabilities, it might prove hard to follow. The Shmueliz developed a system that analyzes the voting table and can provide information based on voice commands - who is in 5th place? Who just got the 7 points? Etc. Shmueliz are 5 brothers and their father, all in high tech.

The Musketeers

Get the Music Without Hearing

The Musketeers’ solution turns the live music into animated shapes, with movement and color, to help people with hearing impairments get and enjoy the music even without hearing.