The spring music celebration is the largest television event in Europe, with over 190 million viewers last year. However, the viewing experience has remained pretty much the same over the years, and it’s time for a change!

There’s just so much that can be done in 2019, about voting, about community, about data, information, AR, VR. Fans and viewers around the world deserve a richer viewing experience, and this is where your creativity comes into play.


The goal of this challenge is to develop tools and services that would enhance the live viewing experience for millions of viewers across Europe, using data, community, AI or other methods.

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Here are a few ideas and technologies for viewer engagement. Feel free to suggest your own creative ideas:

  • Tools to vote together and see live trends

  • Give viewers the opportunity to comment during the live broadcast

  • Add data layers for a richer viewing experience

  • Implement augmented reality options to the live broadcast

  • Any other creative use case that meets the challenge


  1. Azure Mixed Reality Cloud 

  2. Custom Vision -

  3. Video Indexer -

  4. Cognitive Services -

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